Louis widmer deo creme

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The Louis-Widmer Deo Cream-Nn Scented 40 ml is meticulously created for all skin type, as the product does not contain alcohol it can also be used on every sensitive skin. The no alcohol formula combines gentle care and reliable protection to your skin. This well-crafted product ensures a fresh feeling and regulates perspiration without blocking any pores. It is slightly scented. It is also environment friendly as it is vegan. Apart from armpits, it is also ideal for use on hands and feet. Louis-Widmer Deo Cream-Nn Scented will keep you the hassle and tension free for 24 hours as it inhibits sweating. This product can also treat profuse perspiration in the body over time effectively. The Louis Widmer Deo Cream is tested by dermatologist, which makes the product reliable to take care of any skin type. Do not let anything come in between you and your plans, get this reliable and quality product immediately, and boost your confidence.

Inhibits sweating and effective in treating and in treating hyperhidrosis

Optimally tolerated, even by extremely sensitive skin

Can treat profuse perspiration

24-hour effect

No alcohol

Also suitable for use on hands and feet

How to use:

One application per day is normally sufficient

In order to in­crease the effect, and in treating hyperhidrosis the product can be applied mornings and evenings

The maximum antiperspirant effect over a 24-hour period, is obtained after 2 to 3 days’ use of the product

Caution & Warnings:

Store the product in a cool and dry place

Keep the product away from children

Meant for external use only

Keep the product away from direct sunlight and heat

If the product gives any kind of discomfort, discontinue the product immediately and contact a medical professional


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