gerard's Re-white bikini kit

السعر شامل الضريبه : 287.50 SAR

السعر غير شامل الضريبه : 250.00 SAR


The synergetic combination of whitening, hydrating and soothing agents performs an effective depigmenting effect with a gentle action on skin.

Moisturising cream with whitening action containing extracts of Lemon, Grapefruit, Linden, Yarrow, Bearberry. Specific for sensitive areas and armpits

STEP 1 – CLEANSER :    150 ML

Softening and soothing cleanser with whitening action, containing extract of Liquorice, Ursine grape and Lemon.

– Functional Principles:

1- Lemon: cleansing the skin as well as lightening it.

2- Ursine grape (Bearberry): anti-oxidant.

3- Liquorice: anti-inflammatory.

 Apply the undiluted cleanser on the interested zones and leave for few minutes.

– Rinse with plenty of water.

– Use daily in the morning and evening.

STEP 2 – CREAM :    150 ML

Moisturizing cream with whitening action, containing extracts of Ursine grape, Grapefruit, Lemon, Linden and Yarrow.

Functional Principles:

1- Ursine grape (Bearberry): anti-oxidant.

2- Grapefruit: anti-wrinkles as it contains strong anti-oxidants

3- Lemon: cleansing the skin as well as lightening it.

4- Linden: anti-inflammatory.

5- – Yarrow: Stimulate regeneration of new skin cells.

– After cleansing apply the cream daily in the morning and evening, without massaging.

250 ML

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