Louis widmer deo spray

السعر شامل الضريبه : 82.80 SAR

السعر غير شامل الضريبه : 72.00

Louis Widmer Deo Spray – Reliable protection for 24 hours. Without alcohol. Also ideal for very sensitive skin. For every skin type.

• Inhibits sweating

• Optimally tolerated, even by extremely sensitive skin

• 24-hour effect

• No alcohol

• Also suitable for use on hands and feet

use under the arms and on the hands and feet. Profuse perspiration in the folds of the body (obese persons) can be treated effectively over a long period of time. One application per day is normally sufficient. In treating hyperhidrosis and in order to in­crease the effect, the products can be applied mornings and evenings. The maximum efficacy, i.e. an antiperspirant effect over a 24-hour period, is obtained after 2 to 3 days’ use of the product.


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