meladeep post cream

السعر شامل الضريبه : 488.75 SAR

السعر غير شامل الضريبه : 425.00 SAR

Product Details

It is the wonderful Spanish PEELING MELADEEP Mask that helps you get rid of melasma, scars, pigmentation, acne scars and others.

Works on all skin types, all colors, all areas of the body

Does not contain tri-carbon acetic acid, does not contain hydroquinone

MELADEEP Mask does not work on the pigmentation you were born with (birthmarks) or

MELADEEP mask does not work on deep burns

MELADEEP Mask does not work on live acne

How to use MELADEEP Mask:

1. Clean the area where the session is to be performed well with alcohol

2. Apply an appropriate amount of MELADEEP Mask so that it covers the entire area, that is, the entire face area, not the pigmentation area, only until the color uniformity occurs.

3. Covering the Meladipe Mask with a good layer so that the true skin color does not appear

4. MELADEEP mask is left on the skin for 8 hours in the face or neck area, and reduced to 6 hours in the armpit, 4 hours in sensitive areas, 10 hours in the knees and elbows

5. Avoid exposure to the sun or heat while applying a MELADEEP mask

6. After the end of the period of applying MELADEEP Mask, the moisturizer and SPF should be used for a period of seven days, at least three times a day

7. The seventh day of the MELADEEP Mask session, the bleaching cream of the product Miladip Post Cream is used

The quantity of the mask is 20 grams, each session is approximately 3 grams

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