moisturizing, deep cleansing grape seed foaming face polish

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A mask, exfoliant, cleanser & toner all-in-one. A treatment provided by the most exclusive spas can now be done in the comfort of your own home. Grape Seed Foaming Face "Pore Refining" Polish gently removes dead cells and stimulates your skin with the power, nutrition and the Age Defying benefits of the renowned Muscadine Grape seed & skin. The Muscadine Grape has up to 2500 percent more anti-oxidants, phenols and flavonoids & ella-gic acid than any other fruit or berry. Plus Volcanic Pumice & blueberry skins, (mildly abrasive). Helps refine skin texture & tone and helps unblock clogged pores. Maximizes skins nourishment with a packed combination of certified organic honey, exclusive moisturizers, essential vitamins, organic herbs, minerals and DMAE. For luminous, velvety smooth , healthy skin. NO OIL FORMULA, good for oily skin and normal skin. For deep cleansing, and for smooth skin, and Reduced Pores Over Time.

Directions: Apply to a wet face & gently scrub for thorough cleansing. After scrubbing leave on face a few minutes for deep cleansing and the absorption of nutrients into inner skin. Avoid eye and sensitive skin areas. For best results use 2-3 times weekly. For sensitive skin, patch test 24 hours before use.

118 ml

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